Nicole Wardrop

NicoleNicole is an Honours student working in the Environmental Geochemistry Experimental Laboratory and the Soils and Sediments Laboratory. She has a Bachelor of Science Advanced (Research) with majors in both Geoscience and Statistics.

Her interest is in environmental geochemistry with specific interest in environmental remediation and reclamation strategies and the application of data science to these issues.

Nicole’s honours research combines microbiology, chemistry and mineralogy to investigate cycling of living bacteria through halite crystals during replacement. This will be achieved through laboratory experimentation on halite crystals sourced from the Coorong Lakes in South Australia. The information gained from this study will further add to our understanding of sedimentary halite deposit bacteria and it’s validity as an indication of age.

Nicole completed her 3rd year research project identifying and measuring soil acidification in the Edithvale- Seaford Wetlands. She spent 6 months studying at Uppsala University in Sweden focussing on ore petrology and mine reclamation strategies.

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